Will You Marry Me?

don’t sweat it . . . I’ll always be chronically carefree

Margie Willis


Image by Alexa from Pixabay . . . caption by Margie Willis

Anyone note we’re on the cusp of leap day?
Lace up my Sadie Hawkins sneakers and play
perform my wilted wallflower nuptial ballet
toss a blithe proposal some scalawag’s way.

There’s a bloke down under, prefers the roo
to anything a bout of matrimony might do
a wee bit wombat, he’ll be biting bamboo
safe my pitch will be met with a: neewww!

My ardent crush spent time in the slammer
woman gets too close, he starts to stammer
a marriage proposal will feel like a hammer
so I try not to get too yukky when I yammer.

Cat Stevens served us Tea for the Tillerman
an unfussy poet ‘round here, he’s killer, man
he’ll prolly think I turned into the boogeyman
me on my knee, pining away for his hand.

If I come ‘round, pounding on your portal
don’t worry, pal, jus’ tryin’ ta make ya chortle
to me matrimony has always seemed mortal
no deepwater dive for me, without a snorkel.

Theodore McDowell . . . potential heartthrob I can rest assured would blow me off if I dared proposition him *wink! wink!* . . .

Imad . . . screw superficiality . . . here’s a case of LOVE-LOVE-LOVE:

Poni M . . . a wayward spiraling spirit I could waft with:

Image by Olga Ioan from Pixabay . . . caption by Margie Willis