Thinking About Courage

I admit I’m a lily-livered wimp . . .

Margie Willis


Image by Lian from Pixabay

Today, two police officers and a paramedic were shot and killed responding to an ordinary domestic call in Minnesota.

It got me thinking about courage.

From lifelong observation, I figure it takes immense courage to be a parent . . . urging freedom of thought and action in a child while holding firm the inevitable realization this precious being could be lost at any heartbeat . . .

Equal to the bravery of our first responders . . . ready and willing to run into automatic gunfire . . . or any unknown situation, really, since guns and tons of ammo are stockpiled throughout our society . . .

And yet . . . think about the courage it must take to be engaged in combat on the other side of the planet without enough bullets . . .

And not being bitter about all our congressional bullshit and all the actual bullets out there in everyday life spraying our sensibilities to smithereens over here in the United States of Bloodshed.

Or how about medical professionals, educators and pilots. The list goes on.

This brand of bravery I have never possessed.

I haven’t even aspired to this level of courage. I accept my wimpy limitations without quarrel.

During my avid adventuring of youth, I was the type of hiker who approached steep cliffs on my hands and knees.

I rode my bike brakes to the edge of smoke on long downhill grades. That’s how chickenshit I am.

I never did conjure up the courage to marry and I failed to keep both feet inside the door during my many romantic flings.

Way back when I worked in Engineering as product manager, my closest work comrade was the electrical engineer, Rob. He revolutionized our product by designing custom circuit boards instead of big electrical boxes full of bulky switches and relays like ever since the stone ages.

Rob was anally retentive about these circuit boards.

He wouldn’t let the purchasing department order them. He controlled everything. He kept the boards under…