Opening Pandora’s Box

much further than ever before . . .

Margie Willis
8 min readMar 1, 2024


Forlorn child sitting in a sunlit window.
Image by Sibeal Artworks from Pixabay

A story about me and two of my sisters.

I’ve penned accounts over the years to share my unique spunky childhood while also revealing some gory tidbit of our dysfunction. The way I see it, this is my life, so why shouldn’t I share the full spectrum?

My life is not JUST an abuse story.

There are tons of my awesome shenanigans mixed in there, right beside the cum-soiled panties and violent rage eruptions.

To put it bluntly, my bio-dad raped me and two older stepsisters almost nightly for years. He slammed his massive fist in our faces now and then. Daily he yelled: IDIOTS . . . preceded by a string of swear words.

Although she was a hard worker and business owner in her own right, mom was addicted to the comfort that a man could provide so she never thought to risk her marriage by protecting us kids. She refused to see it before her very eyes. Denial at its finest.

Since she was woefully insecure and submissive, I felt sorry for her instead of expecting mom to be the grownup in our relationship. I wanted to take care of her, since she seemed so ill-equipped to take care of herself. But she resented that. She and others in the family would rather let the hurts fester and wear the scars like badges of poor-me martyrdom.

Image by S. Bartels from Pixabay

Even a tiny reveal of my details impacts my readers greatly. Men are gunning to kill dad (he’s long gone). One in four, a statistic unchanged since I was young, are reminded of their own childhood abuse.

That’s why I never puke up the Full Monty of graphic details . . . what it was like to grow up in our abusive home. I’ve never gone near the full extent of my rage . . . or dad’s. It’s altogether too much for folks to stomach.

Now I embark on a story I’ve never told anyone.

Two of my five older sisters, Diana and Dorothy, may have been the real reason dad…