Gigabyte Goblins Gobble My Wifi

so I sit on my deck and scroll the sky . . .

Margie Willis


A trail of antiquities (elephants) bumping against the moon.
The Antiquities Trudge On . . . Image by G.C. from Pixabay

Pondering some fool’s verse . . .
you know that old fogey drivel . . .
antiquities the whippersnappers
will never be able to fathom.

One memorable turd floats by.

Reading all the shampoo bottles
and my sister’s devotional scraps
taped to the bathroom mirror
for the umpteenth time
pinching a leisurely loaf
because we never
d r e a m e d
we’d be commode scrolling!

Not saying this singular bother
struck my toilet rim tonight
just saying my wifi stream
got royally constipated.

So, I go out to my deck to scroll
all the jonny-come-lately trolls
pushing rattling grocery carts
carting raggedy possessions
I’m peering down below
they’re moving in next door
where the feisty ferals tango
darting between deluges.

Oh, puuuleeeze!

Pain distracts like a fiery comet
down one leg and up the other
almost didn’t think to glance up
scroll the sky for Snow Moon.

Midnight marooned
on a thundercloud sandbar
betwixt pluvial bombshells
never expecting to behold
grandmother moon’s halo
like a crystalline chandelier
adorning the nimbus
hovering like a swollen swan
bailó con padre tiempo
oh how she floats me away
far away from the drudge!

Upon that initial poignant puncture
I deeply inhale her radiant impale
feel the moonbeam microsurgery
my bone marrow electrified
goosebumps that pulsate