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reaching laminar flow . . .

Margie Willis


Me in 2022 . . . this witch is WAY too warty for selfies now!

Three months into my third year at Medium, I write my third About Me because life changed vastly under the last eighteen moons.

Three is my lucky number. Astrologically, I’m a moonchild and there was a blue moon last lunar cycle. I am ionized by the buzz of anticipation!

Writing my first About Me in 2021, I was clueless to the ways of Medium. I had no idea what kind of writer and/or reviewer I might become.

This platform has made all the difference in my writing and reviewing, thanks to helpful friends here. I’m talking about generous and loving writers, friends to ALL other writers, not exclusive friends of mine.

Lest I forget to mention the totally uplifting effect of regularly reading writers who are much better than me, those who are inventive and those doing meticulous research like I’m too lazy to do!

Writing my second About Me last year, I was in the middle of a life upheaval from wilderness dweller, suddenly homeless for seven months, and then returning to metro madness after eleven years of serenity.

Luckily, I didn’t realize how hard that was until it was over. I’ve gotten beyond the body pain and frustration.

Now in my late sixties, I have lived with constant all-over pain of fibromyalgia for thirty years. Also, a major neck fail in 2013 required reconstructive surgery and put me in a wheelchair.

Living in the wilderness, I fought tooth and nail to get out of the chair and enjoy some hours of freedom among the fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers of my garden. It was painful, but I was on my feet every morning, watering and chatting with hummingbirds darting into my hose stream.

I still miss my old plants like most folks miss people.

Autumn view from my wilderness deck . . . photo by Margie Willis