About Me — Margie Willis

as I prepare for re-entry . . .

Margie Willis
5 min readApr 4, 2022


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I joined this website, June 2021, and the About Me I wrote feels off since I was clueless about this Medium scene, at first (as most writers are). I’ve been wanting to re-do that piece.

Now I have a solid reason: my life is about to change.

In my first About Me I strongly identified with my feral wilderness existence for the past eleven years, but I was evicted in an evil manner just now. So, I’m headed back to civilization, and living on a golf course will be a dramatic shift compared to my tumbledown shack in the sticks. I guess this is my sign that I’ve written all my rustic stories for now. Time to gain new perspectives so I can write some new flavors of stories.

Shaking out fresh stories: that’s what we writers do.

I have spent my life doing spontaneous stuff. I started riding my bicycle across the USA on the spur of the moment, with no planning. I would convince myself I’m furthering my writing journey by gaining authentic life experience. Not to say writers need to peddle their asses thousands of miles, but my firm belief: writers with an adventurous spirit will go out and harvest fresh stories.