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Margie Willis
5 min readApr 4, 2022
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I joined this website, June 2021, and the About Me I wrote feels off since I was clueless about this Medium scene, at first (as most writers are). I’ve been wanting to re-do that piece.

Now I have a solid reason: my life is about to change.

In my first About Me I strongly identified with my feral wilderness existence for the past eleven years, but I was evicted in an evil manner just now. So, I’m headed back to civilization, and living on a golf course will be a dramatic shift compared to my tumbledown shack in the sticks. I guess this is my sign that I’ve written all my rustic stories for now. Time to gain new perspectives so I can write some new flavors of stories.

Shaking out fresh stories: that’s what we writers do.

I have spent my life doing spontaneous stuff. I started riding my bicycle across the USA on the spur of the moment, with no planning. I would convince myself I’m furthering my writing journey by gaining authentic life experience. Not to say writers need to peddle their asses thousands of miles, but my firm belief: writers with an adventurous spirit will go out and harvest fresh stories.

When a friend suggested I join Medium last year, within days of reading the other writers here, I knew I was in for a paradigm shift. On other websites, I have been one of the top writers and I never bothered to edit my work.

I was the typical impatient jackrabbit who couldn’t wait to see my words posted, so I’d slap up that first-pass draft that comes bubbling out before we dig into what we’re really trying to say. That plain-Jane rough draft containing no wordplay, no manicuring, no thesaurus thumbing.

Despite my writing complacency I was better than most writers.

At Medium, there are TONS of better writers than me and I constantly need to up my game. After thirty-plus years of technical writing and ten-plus years of creative writing, joining Medium is the best thing that ever happened to shake up my writing. Sure, this website has all the requisite bullshit you will find…



Margie Willis

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